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Are you wondering what awaits you in an academic life? Are you an artist in the beginning of your career? Did you know that professional scientists travel on average 30% of their time (if they want)? What is the number one thing in getting a professorship that nobody talks about? Do you have to abandon your dreams to be financially secure or can you turn your passion into an income?

Hi, my name is Vadim Kulikov, I am a mathematician and cognitive scientist. This is me:

I founded Bats and Seahorses to better understand scientific and artistic careers and how can people succeed in them. Of course I am also interested in art and science and their combinations and if this is why you are here, check out my posts here, here and here.

My podcast, on the other hand, is almost entirely dedicated to questions of success in creative careers. Whether you are in the beginning of your studies or applying for research grants, I recommend to listen to them, because I interview not only successful, but also highly interesting people in them. These are people who are living their dream despite their parents telling them that they should become a dentist.

If you are a student or a young researcher enthusiastic about art or science (or both), IT IS MY MISSION TO ENSURE THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO KILL YOUR PASSION IN FAVOUR OF SOME STUPID SHIT. So stay with me and put your e-mail address here:

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