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[In Finnish] Voiko maailmankaikkeutemme sittenkin olla simulaatio?

[Briefly in English: No, recent result in quantum physics do not prove that we aren’t in a simulation] Tänään ilmestyneessä tekniikanmaailma.fi:n artikkelissa väitettiin, että löydetty “kvantti-ilmiö todisti: Me emme elä jonkun simuloimassa Matrixissä”. Tosin tekstin puolivälissä todetaan, että “Asiaa ei voi tietenkään todistaa”… hetkinen, todistettiinko se vai ei? No itse asiassa ei. Kyseessä on ennemminkin […]

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How would I re-write tobacco warning messages

The sole purpose of texts and warnings on cigarette packages is to reduce the number people who buy cigarettes, or in other words the number of smokers. We all know these warnings: “Smoking kills”, “smoking causes cancer”, “smoking can damage your fetus” and I recently even saw “smoking increases the risk of becoming blind”. What […]

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From Mathematics to Art: an interview with Tuomas Tuomiranta

Mathematicians know that mathematics is beautiful, but they have hard time explaining to others why is it so. In fact, most of the time they give up on this task. My friend Tuomas Tuomiranta hasn’t. I met Tuomas at the University of Helsinki when we both studied mathematics around 10 years ago. Several years later […]

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Cognitive Science of Philosophy of Mathematics – workshop

Short motivation What is mathematics? How is mathematics produced, understood and learned by the human brain? Do infinities exist or are they a product of our minds? Whether or not they exist, mathematicians’ minds can conceptualise infinity. What does this mean and how is this possible? Is mathematics limited and shaped by human brain and body or is […]

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The Forthcoming Movie Beauty and the Beast Sucks

UPDATE AFTER I SAW THE MOVIE: Are you kidding me? The beast has a six-pack and stuff. He is a hot macho who can jump from a roof-top to roof-top. In fact, when he transforms to the prince, he becomes less attractive. Even the beauty says: “you could grow a beard”! She says it to the […]