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The Forthcoming Movie Beauty and the Beast Sucks

UPDATE AFTER I SAW THE MOVIE: Are you kidding me? The beast has a six-pack and stuff. He is a hot macho who can jump from a roof-top to roof-top. In fact, when he transforms to the prince, he becomes less attractive. Even the beauty says: “you could grow a beard”! She says it to the prince after the transformation!!!!!! She misses the way the BEAST looked.  And that’s natural! Because he was cool and handsome. OKAY, his mouth was kind of ugly. I give them that. But hey… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The translation of the original story by  Madame de Villeneuve does not contain precise description of the Beast, but it tells so much that the beauty  “made a great effort to hide her horror” upon saluting him. The Russian version of the story Аленький цветочек contains the following description:

Да и страшен был зверь лесной, чудо морское: руки кривые, на руках ногти звериные, ноги лошадиные, спереди-сзади горбы великие верблюжие, весь мохнатый отверху донизу, изо рта торчали кабаньи клыки, нос крючком, как у беркута, а глаза были совиные.

My free translation:

And so was frightening the beast of the forest, the monster of the sea: skewed hands with animal nails, horse’s legs, humps in front and in the back like those of a camel, hairy from head to toes, owl’s eyes with wild bore’s teeth and eagle’s nose.

Whatever the description, however, the whole point of the story is lost if the beast is not evoking feelings of disgust and fear. The point is that the Beast is truly ugly. It is painful to look at it. And she still falls in love with him, because of the words he says and the voice he has.
Is frightful and ugly anywhere close to describe the following two guys?

To me, the adjectives would be charismatic, cute, bear and even handsome (the guy on the right looks like a prince already; he is almost better than the beauty). It is not difficult to image falling in love with this guy. The actor is probably also great. Would you have to “make a great effort to hide your horror” upon seeing him? Well, not really! He even looks like a human. With normal hands and stuff. The horns just make him cooler.

The whole point of the story is that the beauty falls in love with the “inner soul” of the monster. She falls in love despite the disgusting appearance. This means, that the Beast should really look like someone with whom it is impossible to fall in love otherwise — if he wasn’t nice on the inside. The visual of him should evoke disgust. Now, what evokes disgust in humans?

  • Insect-likeness,
  • Signs of terminal diseases,
  • Injuries,
  • Unnatural features.

In fact, looking at this list, even the Russian story is falling behind. But not as much as the Disney character. In the Russian story, he at least has owl’s eyes, which greatly reduces human-likeness. Notice how in the above image both monster’s have human eyes (in the left one they are cartoon-human: same as those of the beauty). If you want to know what it means to be truly disgusted and horrified, type “smallpox” in Google Image Search. Warning: it’s bad! There is a big evolutionary advantage in being disgusted by terminal diseases like this, not in being disgusted by humans with cute horns. The above list suggests more something like this painting I found on Google.


So…The beauty of the story has been crushed and destroyed by Disney and Hollywood. That’s all I have to say really…. wait, not yet. If you complain, propose a solution. The artist Louis Royo might not have had the story of Beauty and the Beast in his mind, but the concept features in his paintings and to me his representations are waaaay closer to the intended contradiction of the story. Enjoy…

(because of copyright reasons I am not posting them here… also: Warning: erotic art content in the last link).


Disclaimer: I don’t say don’t watch the movie. The movie may well be entertaining. Just the core idea is gone. Well, maybe not everyone cares.



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  1. Patrick
    Patrick says:

    I ONLY clicked the last link because you said it’s erotic 😀
    Apart from that – well written, never have thought of that, but you’re right. Nice thoughts!


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