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How would I re-write tobacco warning messages

The sole purpose of texts and warnings on cigarette packages is to reduce the number people who buy cigarettes, or in other words the number of smokers. We all know these warnings: “Smoking kills”, “smoking causes cancer”, “smoking can damage your fetus” and I recently even saw “smoking increases the risk of becoming blind”. What is wrong with all these warnings? I am surprised if they work at all! Have people ever lit up a cigarette and thought “I believe this will make Read more

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What stops you from applying for research grants?

Bats and Seahorses is a project dedicated to art and science and success in such creative disciplines. As artists and scientists, understanding the world around us, describing it and sharing ideas about it is the top priority, but who is going to pay for that? Young artists are often discouraged from pursuing their passion, because it is not seen as a secure and profitable career choice. Same problems persist in science. What is the solution to this dilemma? One way to get out of it is to find out how your craft or skills can be useful. Would companies need consultancy on their marketing design? Would they need help with a mathematical analysis of their data? An artist or a scientist can exploit these needs to get reasonable income on the side. Another way which is built-in our society are research grants offered by governments and foundations. There are more grants available for all sorts of different things than is possible to handle by a single researcher – or is there?

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