#9 Secrets to successful career: Interview with Vice-Rector Jouko Väänänen

#8 Self-exploration in Constantly Changing Environment – Interview with Nandita Kumar

#7 How to aim for the top and other secrets for success in science: an interview with Professor Emeritus Erkki Oja

#6 How Does Music Influence Brain? Interview with Cognitive Scientist of Music Perception Mari Tervaniemi

#5 Art vs. Mathematics and How to Get Something from Nothing: An interview with Markus Rissanen

#4 How to Turn 5 Seconds a Year into Unlimited Source of Motivation: An interview with Professor Emeritus Olli Martio

#3 Art as sanity coping and how to follow your passion: An interview with Ewa Wilczynski

#2 Understanding Abstract Thinking: An Interview with Rafael Núñez

#1 How to be the Artist You Want: An Interview with Bella Volen

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[In Finnish] Voiko maailmankaikkeutemme sittenkin olla simulaatio?

[Briefly in English: No, recent result in quantum physics do not prove that we aren't in a simulation] Tänään ilmestyneessä tekniikanmaailma.fi:n artikkelissa väitettiin, että löydetty "kvantti-ilmiö todisti: Me emme elä jonkun simuloimassa…
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Needy Researchers Put Academy on a Pedestal

Here is what male seduction masters teach their students: don't be needy and don't put the woman on a pedestal. And yes, I am comparing researcher applying for grants to men hitting on women. Today I was at a (very boring) event called…
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What stops you from applying for research grants?

Bats and Seahorses is a project dedicated to art and science and success in such creative disciplines. As artists and scientists, understanding the world around us, describing it and sharing ideas about it is the top priority, but who is going…
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Solving (my) Sleeping Problems

(picture: CC BY-SA 2.0) Disclaimer: In this post I am not indending to solve most of the sleeping problems, nor am I qualified to do so. I merely describe what worked for me to solve some of my, very particular, problem. I have never had…
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From Mathematics to Art: an interview with Tuomas Tuomiranta

Mathematicians know that mathematics is beautiful, but they have hard time explaining to others why is it so. In fact, most of the time they give up on this task. My friend Tuomas Tuomiranta hasn't. I met Tuomas at the University of Helsinki…